About Me

Hello my name is Karina Lema.

I am from La Mirada, California.

Graduated High School June 2012 with Honors.

I am 19 years old and a sophomore Business Management Major at Woodbury University and hope to get a Masters Degree in Finance right after my Bachelors.

While being a full time student I am also very involved in campus organizations.

I am Ecuadorean (South American)ecuador_flag_map

I vacation with my family every year.

I have been to at least one country in every continent except for Antarctica and Australia.

My family is very traditional and family oriented, and a main event for my family is watching the  World Cup every 4 years while having a big BBQ for the finale.
In high school I was part of the Girls Soccer team.I started playing soccer at age 3 as well as ballet.

Involvements in high school:

-Academic Tutor (Math)

-Matador Scholar Academy (Honors Society)

-Community Service

-BEST Program (Business club that involved internships)

-Girls League (all girls club dedicated to community service)

-Key Club

-Yearbook Committee

-Link Crew (organization where juniors and seniors were mentors to incoming freshman)

-Leaders in Training (city organization for community service)

soccer pic2         solar20087[1][1]


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